Lisa Ornstein

IMG_4374Fiddle virtuoso Lisa Ornstein is an outstanding interpreter of the traditional music of French Canada and Appalachia, blending compelling and inventive playing with impeccable tune choice. She’s also a tune hunter, the rare kind of fiddler who sifts through all the many tunes she’s learned at the feet of tradition bearers and pulls forth great gems that excite the imagination of her many followers. Befriended by North Carolina fiddle legend Tommy Jarrell while she was in her teens, Lisa quickly became an accomplished fiddler in the Round Peak style. A musical friendship with Franco-American fiddler Louis Beaudoin set her on a path to Quebec in 1978. When La Bottine Souriante — Quebec’s internationally renowned traditional supergroup — invited her to join the band, Lisa’s projected six-month stay began to stretch, eventually lasting a dozen years. Nowadays Lisa lives in Oregon and may be frequently seen at the Portland airport headed out for another Bruit reunion. Her performances are marked by finesse, passion, and stories which bring to life the people and places behind the tunes.

  • Le Bruit court dans la Ville, Les vents qui ventent, 2014
  • Dan Compton and Lisa Ornstein, The Magic Paintbrush, 2010
  • Lisa Ornstein and André Marchand, Par un beau samedi d’été / One Fine Summer’s Day, 2009
  • Andy Cahan, Laura Fishleder and Lisa Ornstein, Ship In The Clouds, 1977
  • Trio Marchand, Ornstein, Miron, Le Bruit Court dans la Ville, 1996
  • Keith Corrigan and Jimmy Kelly, L’Irlande au Québec – Ireland in Québec, 2008
  • Lisa Ornstein and Denis Pépin, Les Danseries du Québec… de l’autre bord de l’eau, 1986
  • Les Charbonniers de L’Enfer, La Traversée miraculeuse avec La Nef, Atma, 2008
  • Ship In The Clouds : Classic Old Time Music, 2003
  • Les Charbonniers de L’Enfer, Chansons a capella, 1996
  • La Bottine Souriante, Je voudrais changer d’chapeau, 1988
  • Grey Larsen, The Gathering, 1986
  • Hommage à nos Racines 1985
  • La Bottine Souriante, Chic & Swell, 1983
  • La Bastringue et autres Danseries, 1979